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Requirement Analysis

Upon carefully documenting the client requirement, we will have extensive discussions with the client to finalize on a feasable requirement.

Business Analysis

This includes the extent to which the web application being developed will serve the purpose of the business and compete with the existing competitors.

Wire framing

Wire framing gives a general idea of how the website would look like in terms of navigation and user options. 

User Experience Design

At this stage, we go into the minute details of the mechanics of the website, making sure the user has the best experience when using the application.


Business websites are usually done on WordPress while complex web applications demand sophisticated tech stack and cloud computing.

Quality Analysis & Testing

This process involves if the developed product is what the client is looking for and if it serves the needs of his/her business.


Based on the technology and the development style used, deployment is done on the appropriate platforms.


This phase includes bug tracking, error reports, frequent upgrades, content and copy updates etc.

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